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May 1, 1979


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Farbs (A.K.A Jarrad Woods) is an independent game developer whose games often involve construction and, apparently, deconstruction.


Early history

In 2005 Farbs started developing freeware games, and at the same time joined Irrational Games Australia. When Farbs' third solo game received critical acclaim, Farbs released a fourth game to announce his resignation and set off to work by himself.

Solo Indie

In late 2009 Farbs released Captain Forever, which he then followed up with the sequels Captain Successor, Captain Impostor, and Captain Jameson. That was the plan, anyway. Captain Jameson departured from Farbs' usual process of building small, tightly knit games, and as a result he found himself lost and the project floundered. During this period Farbs launched the collaborative adventure game creation tool PlayPen and the head to head game development deathmatch website Indie Kombat.

Card Hunter

In late 2010 Farbs throttled back development of Captain Jameson to work on Card Hunter, a short project led by Irrational founder Jonathan Chey. Card Hunter ran several years longer than expected however, Captain Jameson entered public alpha in 2011, and Card Hunter launched to critical acclaim in late 2013.

And Beyond!

Following the launch of Card Hunter Farbs has poured time into the Card Hunter league and co-op expansions, the Captain Forever series, Journey of 1000 Stars, and an unannounced new project alongside Blue Manchu.



The Dawn Star YouTube

Card Hunter YouTube

Card Hunter Expansion - Expedition to the Sky Citadel YouTube

Captain Forever YouTube

Captain Successor and Captain Impostor YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Most Original Game of the Year - PC Gamer" - Card Hunter, 2013
  • "Best of 2013 - Yahoo Games" - Card Hunter, 2013
  • "Best Debut Game (nominated) - Game Developers Choice Award" - Card Hunter, 2014
  • "Best Game - IGF China" - Captain Forever, 2009
  • "Best Shooter Game - The Mochis" - Captain Forever, 2010
  • "Best Art in a Game - Freeplay" - Captain Forever, 2010
  • "Gamasutra's Best Of 2008: Top 5 Indie Games " - ROM CHECK FAIL, 2008

Selected Articles

  • "My favorite game of PAX 2012 was Card Hunter. There is no pause between the question and the answer. Card Hunter now, Card Hunter forever."
    - Tycho, Penny Arcade
  • "Woods isn't so different from the average Captain Forever player, tumbling through space, building things, taking them apart, each time thinking: Is this it? How about this?"
    - Christian Donlan, Eurogamer
  • "creation should be quick as easy as moving through the game is. that’s an attitude i’d like to see pass around."
    - Anna Anthropy, AuntiePixelante
  • "Trash-talking indie game designers slug it out in Indie Kombat."
    - Katie Williams, Hyper magazine
  • "The Game Developer 50"
    - Brandon Sheffield, Jeffrey Fleming, Gamasutra
  • "When I look at ROM CHECK FAIL I suspect one day we may know all the answers."
    - Kieron Gillen, Rock Paper Shotgun

Captain Forever Remix
A remix of the original Captain Forever series being development by Pixelsaurus. http://captainforeverremix.com.

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