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($20 USD)

Once you register as a supporter you can play all the games in the Captain Forever series, including future updates. The series already includes the original free Captain Forever, and these three supporter-only titles:

The Dawn Star (in alpha)

(images are not from final game)

The Dawn Star transforms the humble arena shooter Captain Forever into a full blown adventure. In The Dawn Star you will explore, scrap, trade, and rescue. You'll hurtle through space, bounce off asteroids, and race for your next breath. You'll share maps routes and stories with other players. You will pick your way through a shattered galaxy.

The Dawn Star is currently in playable alpha, available to all Captain Forever supporters. You can follow development progress at

"The future of Captain Forever sounds more exciting still, so it's easy to recommend the $20 price of becoming a supporter."
- Tom Francis, PC Gamer

Captain Successor

Captain Successor brings a stack of new module and enemy types to the game. You'll face off against space stations, tiny fighter ships, rotationally symmetric missionaries, and sprawling hodge-podge junkers. These vessels bristle with guided missiles, long-range lasers, torpedoes, shields, ramming spikes, and a half dozen new propulsion modules.

These elements are combined and recombined, bringing challenges and opportunities every time you play.

"Captain Successor is a brilliant expansion of the customisation that makes Forever so exciting. The huge range of new modules makes it impossible to go back to the free version, and shields in particular let you work towards a robust design you can keep adding to."
- Tom Francis, PC Gamer

"Captain Forever's more mature expansion, is a huge improvement over its predecessor"
- John Bardinelli,

"Itís worth the measly access price. "
- Jaz McDougall,

Captain Impostor

A good pilot needs a good ship, but a great pilot can fly anything. Are you a great pilot?

Captain Impostor introduces the Clone Drive, a system that instantly copies the configuration of another vessel. This challenges you to make the best of what ship configurations you can find. Where once you adapted your ship to your piloting, now you must adapt your piloting to your ship. Captain Impostor is carefully balanced to be a twitchy frag-fest, and the ultimate piloting challenge.

"itís fun to see the series evolve and try new things."
- Derek Yu, TIGSource

($20 USD)



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($20 USD)

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