Farbs is an independent game developer based in Canberra, Australia.


  • 2020, Super Disc Box

    The exact midpoint between Super Crate Box and Disc Room, a zippy little score attack challenge built for the Disc Room game jam.


  • 2019, Void Bastards (Blue Manchu)

    A strategy shooter game in the vein of System Shock 2, but with a modern nonlinear game loop, graphic novel visuals, and a narrative designer who read everything by Douglas Adams.


  • 2018, Captain Forever Trilogy

    Probably the definitive edition of the first three Captain Forever games (Forever, Successor, Impostor). Includes a fancy new renderer, updated module graphics, and (because they look amazing) wings! If you're going to play a Captain Forever game, I'd recommend playing this one or Captain Forever Remix.


  • 2018, Buy Captain Forever Trilogy

    A text input incremental game where you buy a trillion copies of Captain Forever Trilogy. Involves some light programming.


  • 2016, ROM CHECK GO

    A speedrun-friendly edition of ROM CHECK FAIL where you can manually swap to any character at any time. This opens up a huge array of abilities to the player, and some very cool time optimization strategies.

    Download (Windows)

  • 2016, Journey of 1000 Stars

    A single-player-with-bots sequel to Cumulo Nimblers. My response to Flappy Bird. The goal is to reach 1000 points, but the current world record is 104. Maybe you can beat that?


  • 2014, Echo of the Echo

    An interactive poetry toy commissioned for the launch of the novel Echo of the Boom. Bleak.


  • 2013, Dungeon Janitor

    A puzzlescript experiment, creating disorder and tasking the player with cleaning it up.


  • 2013, Turn Based Pacman

    A puzzlescript experiment, does what it says on the box, is surprisingly fun.


  • 2012, Card Hunter (Blue Manchu)

    A massive CCG / Tactical Game hybrid, 40+ hour campaign with optional co-op and a ranked multiplayer mode that's still alive and kicking 7 years after launch. Won some awards.

    Browser (Flash)

  • 2012, Cumulo Nimblers

    A four player exhibition / party game about bouncing on clouds, built for Comics vs Games 2012 and then toured various museums via TIFF DigiPlaySpace. Works best with four controllers. Features art by John Martz and music by Big Giant Circles.

    Download (Windows)

  • 2010, Captain Foraxian

    A demake of Captain Forever, now as a 1942-inspired shmup. There are several versions, with the original linked here. Captain Forever supporters can download the windows-only EX edition, and (spoiler) there's a vectorfied VX edition hidden in Captain Forever Trilogy.

    Browser (Flash)

  • 2010, Fish Squid Time Machine

    A mashup of earlier project Fishie Fishie (below) and Rob Fearon's excellent Synso games. Built for Indie Kombat, where Rob also mashed these games together and produced something even better (according to popular vote). Similar to Fishie Fishie, however the world tears apart to reveal a neon shooter underneath. Released on Xbox Live Indie Games, which is sadly now defunct.


  • 2010, Fishie Fishie Fifty

    A port of my earlier game Fishie Fishie (below) to Xbox Live Indie Games, with the addition of mutliplayer. Specifically, 52 player local co-op via controller sharing. Quite silly.


  • 2010, PlayPen

    A gigantic community-built adventure game. A nonsensical pixel art wiki adventure. A toilet wall for the internet.


  • 2009, Captain Forever

    A series of 2D neon space games where you snap spaceship parts together and fly around. Won a couple of awards. Since flash is being pushed out you're better off playing the 2018 Steam edition Captain Forever Trilogy.

    Browser (Flash)

  • 2009, A Message for 2K Australia

    A short platformer announcing my resignation, sent to the 2K Australia allstaff list.

    Coverage (Kotaku)
    Browser (Flash)

  • 2008, ROM CHECK FAIL

    A swirling glitch-soup of classic videogames, reforming every 10 seconds into a new playable mass. Won the TIGSource VGNG competition and some very nice press.

    Browser (Flash)
    Download (Windows)
    Download (Linux) - (help)

  • 2008, Fishie Fishie

    My only attempt at the "casual" market, as it was called at the time. A friendly looking game with a very challenging one button control scheme. A disastrous mismatch of presentation and gameplay. Whoops. Beautifully illustrated by Simon Lissaman.

    Download (Windows)
    Download (Linux) - (help)
    Download (Mac)

  • 2007, Polychromatic Funk Monkey

    This was the first independent game I released, built in three months as a practice run for future projects. It's an abstract platformer where you collect tiles and rearrange them in order to reach more tiles and progress up the level. Raigan Burns liked it. The art was inspired by a snowboard.

    Download (Windows)
    Download (Linux)
    Download (Mac)

  • 2002, Hotwheels: Bash Arena (MicroForte)

    An isometric car game built on the Fallout: Tactics engine.


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